SCG Canada Inc.

SCG was formed as a direct means to provide hardware, software and training solutions for discerning clients who need custom tools for mission critical applications. SCG Canada Inc. is based in Ottawa Canada.

Does the CFID do analysis?

No, the CFID is designed as a simple to use collection tool for forward exploitation and  digital forensics. The images created can be ingested into standard forensic analysis tools. The CFID will recover active and deleted files for quick preview on an attached computer, but analysis is not performed on any of the collected data.

Is the CFID easy to use with minimal training? 

Yes, it is designed for individuals that are not trained in digital forensics or exploitation to create forensically sound images that investigators can use for analysis. Training can be done in as little as 30 minutes depending on the mission set.

UAV Support?

The CFID forensically images drones at the point of capture. It supports directly connecting to the drone or controller and can extract the flight log and media data. It provides standard kml and csv outputs of flight logs which can be viewed immediately by most geospatial software or by the CFID Android viewer APK on a mobile device.If the drone is destroyed at the point of capture, the CFID can process the data obtained using advanced acquisition techniques such as chip-off or ISP.

How do I get firmware updates or information on SCG products?

You will receive regular email updates to the email account tied to your CFID purchase. Sign up for an account or login to get current firmware or information on SCG products.