SCG Canada offers customized tools and solutions for digital forensics and exploitation.


The CFID (Covert Forensic Imaging Device) is the world’s smallest handheld battery powered, forensic collection and imaging device. The CFID was designed for forward operating military, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel who need a simple, small, portable and inconspicuous solution for SIM Card Exploitation, Forensic Imaging, iOS and Android Mobile Extraction, Active File Copying plus Forensic Wiping and industry leading UAV extraction. All this in a simple to use, portable device created for exploitation operators and crime scene investigators.

CFID Features

  • USB 3.0 Host Ports (Input and Output)

  • SD Card Slot (Input)

  • SIM CARD Forensics (Both Micro and Full Slot)

  • Supports SIM, USIM, R-UIM

  • SIM card Watch List & Live Preview of IMSI

  • Simultaneous SIM and SD / Thumb drive Acquisitions

  • CNC Machined Aluminum Case

  • High Resolution Screen

  • Six Hour Battery (Operating)

  • IMAGE – CLONE – WIPE – FORMAT Flash Media

  • Internal 128 GB Solid State Drive

  • Supports DD, E01 and other Image types

  • 48/88MB/s imaging/wiping speed

  • Supplied Ethernet Adapter for Network Reach Back


CFID UAV Exploitation

The CFID utilizes SkySafe technology to support a large number of commercial UAV products. The CFID supports direct extraction and processing of GPS and metadata within a few moments of capture.

Applying advanced radio engineering and deep threat analysis to the latest in commercial technology, SkySafe provides military, public safety, and commercial customers with comprehensive airspace awareness and control. Contact us for details on this add on feature.

Operators on the ground can extract the UAV and view the flight logs in real time on any Android device using the CFID viewer application.

Screenshot_20200131-145924_CFID Viewer.j

CFID Integration Partners

SCG Canada is excited to announce that the CFID integrates seamlessly with products by MCM Solutions  and  ForensIQ One. In both cases, whether it is the Detego Analyze by MCM or Case Investigator by ForensIQ One, collected data is immediately extracted from the CFID via direct connect for full analysis and investigation in these respective tools.