CFID Firmware Update 5.18.000

CFID Firmware Update 5.18.000

This is a maintenance & feature release which provides capability updates.

Update Highlights:

  1. Support for selecting source partition during smart-copy when copying from drives with multiple partitions.

  2. Direct connect extraction decryption and reporting for the new DJI Mini 2.

  3. Direct connect extraction and reporting for Arducopter flight control units.

  4. Direct connect extraction and reporting for the Parrot Bluegrass agricultural UAV.

  5. Processing & reporting of Mavlink based flight logs such as Pixhawk.

  6. Processing & reporting of SwellPro SplashDrone3+ flight logs acquired from the SD card or direct connect with SwellPro Assistant 3 software.

  7. General bug fixes

The manual has been updated with detailed instructions for acquiring DJI Mini 2 drone as well as manually processing Mavlink based .bin file logs such as Pixhawk and Arducopter.

As always, the CFID will continue to:

-Forensically image portable media devices, SIM cards and smartphones in a tactical manner.

-Be the simplest tool to operate and train with.

-Connect and transfer data real-time data, all from the palm of your hand.

UAV Add-On package includes support for: All Phantom 3 Series (Standard, Advanced, Professional, 4K)

All Phantom 4 Series (Standard, Pro, Advanced, & New Phantom 4 V2)

DJI Smart Controller (Decodes flight logs, home points, and serial numbers)

Mavic, Mavic Pro & Mavic Air

Mavic 2 Pro, Enterprise & Zoom

Mavic Mini, Mini 2

Mavic Pro Controller Extraction

Inspire Series

Spark Series Industrial Models: Agres, Wind 2 and Wind 4

Parrot Bluegrass, Bebop & Bebop 2

Parrot Bluegrass

Mavlink based logs such as Pixhawk and Arducopter, Ardupilot

SwellPro SplashDrone3+

Industry Leading: All UAV models support direct connect and internal card extractions (if the card exists). All models support full logical extraction, processing to kml & csv plus viewing on free Android viewing application. Some models support full physical extraction via direct connection as well.

Customers can login to download the firmware, manual and latest CFID viewer APK.