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Intelligent Forensic Solutions

Forensic DD & E01 imaging from the palm of your gloved hand.

...wherever that may be....

Forensically Image up to 17MB/s

Image, Clone, Wipe, Format

MD5, SHA Hashing,  DD, E01 Support

Rugged & Handheld

Free your operators from carrying excess equipment....

Bring forensic collection to the front lines.

Intelligence gathering can happen anywhere...

Make sure nothing is missed.

Collection of forensic level evidence, from anywhere in the world.

Forensic, Battery Powered, And Covert.

Sometimes a laptop is not practical.

The CFID fits in your pocket.


  • Military
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Forensic Labs


The Covert Forensic Imaging Device “CFID” was designed for forward deployed military, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel who need a simple, small, portable and inconspicuous solution for imaging, cloning and wiping data from portable media such as USB and SD Cards. The CFID offers a battery powered multipurpose solution for the field and lab use.

At 1” deep, and with an outline smaller than a smartphone it is the smallest, easiest, and fastest way to collect in the field. 


  • DD, E01 Imaging Supported
  • Image up to 17MB/s
  • Built In Write Blocking
  • Wipe Devices Random or Zero
  • Clone Or Image
  • User Selectable Copy Block Size
  • Optional MD5,SHA1,256
  • Configurable Compression
  • Vibration Notification
  • Format Disks
  • Touchscreen 4 Taps To Image
  • 4-6 Hour Battery Life with Indicator
  • Anodized Aluminum Case
  • Very Small & Handheld
  • Multi-Language Support


Thumb-Drives and SD cards present two of the most common forms of storage recovered today. While some computer and cell phone forensic tools are equipped to collect data from these media, a standalone tool dedicated to the task will improve efficiencies and free up processing power. Most importantly however, using a dedicated device will greatly simplify and speed up the process.

Forensically Image or Clone a device...All from the palm of your hand.


The CFID has four primary functions: Image, Clone, Format or Wipe, each executed through the simple touch screen interface. It captures the serial number and make model of each device encountered as well.

A suitcase is handheld. This handheld device fits in your hand.

Never containing any data, the CFID has no provision for storage. The tool pumps data from a source to a destination USB drive, while never storing any information itself. When imaging a device, the system creates a folder for each image acquired, and each folder is named with a reference number date-time stamp. The file can be split, compressed and hashed for as required for reference by the forensic examiner.

Keep It Simple


Data collection by field operatives can quickly become an increasingly complicated and time-consuming task. While a number of tools have been successfully deployed to capture data from various media types, the scope and quantity of devices being found warrants a better means of collection. We need a simple, covert and effective device for portable media acquisition.


The CFID can forensically image a 2GB USB memory stick, generate an EO1 evidence file and store the make/model/serial number along with the MD5 or SHA checksum for you.


There is no generic tool to suit every job.

But every job has a perfect tool...



How To Purchase or Trial

We are proud to have partnered with Teel Technologies for distribution and support of the CFID.

or in Canada:


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Interested? Request A Demo Unit

We really think you need to see it and try it to understand the benefits. If you are interested in the CFID, we will ship you a demo unit (at no cost) so that you can properly evaluate it.

We will gladly ship you a demonstration unit given that you represent a military or law enforcement organization.
Contact us directly or through our distributor for more information.